Kingsley Ugo Chime

My name is Kingsley Ugo Chime (B.Phil., B.A) a graduate of Philosophy from Pontifical Urban University, Rome and University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Upon graduation I applied my gifts in service working in various capacities in the marketing management of both communications and transportation industry before devoting my services to improving human life through politics.

  • I was born into a Christian family and groomed under the care of the Catholic church during which I expressed an unrelenting desire to serve God and backed up this interest with a burning zeal for the apostolate.
  • My reunion with a big brother Benjamin Atu is a blessing, to see that we passionately share the same vision. A mission on improving lives through good works; a call to service. I sincerely and deeply share this singular honour to accomplishing this existential and in-depth personal principles through Kings Care Foundation.

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