Joyce Flayhan


Joyce Flayhan
Master of Science, Nursing Educator. Registered Nurse

Kings Care Foundation seeks to provide needed healthcare, shelter, tools, and education to help vulnerable people rise above their current circumstances with hope, dignity, compassion, and love.
As a young girl my family home was in a small town and a very small state called “New Hampshire” in the northeastern United States and the state motto continues to be “Live Free or Die”. I grew believing this represented the idea that human dignity and personal liberty are both essential truths that allow us to rise to our God given talents and potential. With this solid belief as the backdrop, I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s witnessing civil, women, and human rights struggles unfold in my Country, State, and Town as a fight for what is right, just and deserved by all people. I watched my father, a huge influence in my life, who was also a very successful businessman in our community help people from all backgrounds and socio-economic levels, no matter who they were or where they came from, “the person” not their position in life came first. He was a giving man who tirelessly helped everyone he knew in countless ways. He was a negotiator, confidant, teacher, and statesman. He showed us on a daily basis that all people have worth and dignity! Most importantly, he taught and showed his 4 children the value of giving. I learned when you do even the simplest things for others it can change their world. When one gives with compassion and love, expecting nothing in return you receive joy abundantly and blessed over and over again.

When one suffers, we all suffer. For this, I am grateful to be part of Kings Care Foundation, giving me a positive and proactive way to help build dignity for humanity on a global level.


As a Registered Nurse I have come to understand how disparity, poverty, lack of shelter, abuse and hunger negatively impact individuals and communities. When one suffers we are all affected. I have seen firsthand the toll this takes on developing children and the most vulnerable human beings; leaving them unable to fulfill their true destinies, and consequently, keeping the cycle of poverty alive.

Many share these sentiments but don’t always know how to help. Kings Care Foundation is a great way to make a difference. I hope you will join us, and together we can build a global community based on love, caring, compassion and dignity for ALL.

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