Benjamin Afamefuna

My name is Benjamin Afamefuna Atu, founder and CEO of Kings Care Foundation. I am from a rural village of Attakwu Enugu in Nigeria. Based on my life story I was inspired to create the foundation to help rural communities within Nigeria and beyond in the areas of medical outreach, educational empowerment, and vocational training.

My grandparents had great health challenges and both died because they could not afford to pay for medical treatment. My grandmother died after giving birth to my uncle because she did not have enough blood to give birth to her baby, who died as well. My grandpa became blind from an eye infection. Because he did not have money to see a doctor, someone advised him to go into the bush to find some leaves and squeeze them in his eyes. After he did this, he lost sight in both eyes. My grandparents’ situation left my mother, two years old at the time of her mother’s death, with her sister and a blind father. It was decided to give my mother out to work as a nanny at the age of two.

I was inspired to found Kings Care Foundation after reflecting on the grace of God for bringing me to where I am today and the poverty that I left behind.

In our communities, no woman should die like my grandmother while giving birth because she did not receive the medical attention she needed. Unlike my grandfather, no one should go blind or be killed by a sickness that could be averted due to poverty. Nor like my own mother, no child should be given out as a servant because of poverty in their home.

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